VIR Valvoindustria Ing. Rizzio S.p.A. In 2021

VIR Valvoindustria Ing. Rizzio S.p.A., since 1971 world leader in the production of ball and balancing valves.
VIR’s main business is the production and distribution of manual and actuated ball valves, balancing valves, gate valves and butterflies in brass, bronze, polypropylene and cast iron. Our valves are suitable for use in water or gas distribution networks, in heating, air conditioning and irrigation systems.

Here you can download our company profile and our catalogs.

News & Events

Copertina Catalogo ItaliaVIR is preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Download our updated catalog by clicking on the icon alongside, or request a copy by writing to or by calling +84 28 3535 2347.

The renewed and enriched Catalog is only the first of the novelties that we are preparing to propose for this occasion. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay updated on all the news that we will launch during the year!

New features include:
● The 9610 and 9610DR pressure reducers;
● The new T650 differential pressure gauge;
● Items PN25 (butterflies 4520 and 4620, double swing check valve 766H, filters 895H);
● The new stainless steel valves (765S check valves and 899S filters);
● The PN20 gate valves in bronze 100 and 100LK.
We have also extended our WRAS and ACS certifications to several new items.

BIM ReadyBIM ReadyVIR is BIM Ready and supports BIM through a selection of Revit models for its most commonly used valve families in large-scale projects, which increasingly use them. These models can be downloaded from:
For more information on BIM, visit our dedicated page.

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