Building Management System

Regin’s Building Management System based on the powerful Arrigo platform offers smart workflows and highly efficient maintenance – it also makes way for long-term energy savings and creates motivated teams in every part of the organization.

Regin BMS Solutions – efficiency in focus

Regin BMS Solutions gives you an intuitive tool for building maintenance and long-term energy efficiency always with a user perspective in focus. You can start the working day right in your mobile phone already on your way to work. Whatever the need, put your trust in Regin BMS Solutions, based on the powerful Arrigo platform.Features_arrigo_3.1.jpg

SCADA graphics – to be or not to be? It is your choice!

Thanks to the shift from a technical perspective towards a more functional and operational approach, Regin BMS Solutions focus on relevant and demanded functions that create effective development and reduce expensive engineering time.

Today, most software and systems in building automation are built around the SCADA-graphic. As a consequence, just introducing one new function often requires a time-consuming redrawing of multiple graphics. With Regin BMS Solutions, your engineering time is better spent on implementing functions that actually improve your facilities to deliver clarity and control. Regin BMS Solutions is packed with great functions that improve your facility management as well as your supervision and control. However, Regin BMS Solutions of course also support the traditional SCADA graphics.Clock_2.1.jpg

Spend your engineering time more wisely

By implementing Regin BMS Solutions and the Arrigo platform, property owners and developers can create reliable, intelligent and energy-efficient buildings. Regin BMS Solutions is developed in close cooperation with property owners looking for new ways to profit from effective maintenance and long-term energy savings.

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Arrigo – customized for your specific role

Arrigo is the answer to fulfill the needs of different stakeholders in their daily work in and around buildings.


Operating Technician

Overview for control

Fast way to alarms and support tickets

Fast access to logged data


Operating Manager

Knowing who’s doing what

Reports to management

Overview of priorities


Property Owner

Overview of energy usage

Lowered net operation cost over time

Dedicated staff that want to make a difference

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An intuitive interface for all users!

 Regin BMS Solutions is developed on the powerful Arrigo platform welcoming the user to an intuitive and modern interface that is enjoyable to work with. Regardless of whether you’re a Facility Manager or Energy Consultant, Arrigo gives you quick access to relevant data wherever you are, right in your mobile phone. Arrigo’s user interface is responsive and supports your workflow no matter if you’re on a large monitor, a laptop or a smart device. With Arrigo’s interface, it’s easy accessing your historical data and trends or just checking your to-do lists according to your own preferences. Maybe you can tick off things already on your way to work? Arrigo puts you in the front seat when managing your working day!


Energy Management System

The Arrigo platform offers a whole suite of feeatures and sevices for efficient building automation. You can already benefit from Arrigo’s EMS (Energy Management System) as aseparate cloud service, and there is much more to come. Simply put, Arrigo will continue to be the best place to gather all your data and use it to improve efficiency and profitability in your line of business. One single platform for BMS, EMS and FMS (Facility management System) and always focusing on functions and intelligent automation – that’s Arrigo.

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